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Do you like asexual main characters?

Have you considered reading these fictional works I clearly have no clue how to promote?

The Hellborne Universe

It’s hopefully sort of easily organized?

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Do you like urban fantasy?

Have you considered reading these fictional works I clearly have no clue how to promote?

The Hellborne Universe

It’s hopefully sort of easily organized?

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Even though Luna isn’t psychic – for all intents and purposes – she orders Foxhorn to take a week off any form of work, with every ounce of absolute authority she could. Given her experience taking care of infinite children and all the intersecting forms of oppression she had been educated on early and well-prepared to tackle by her infinitely wise mother, Luna had a great capability for laying down charge. So Foxhorn, when Luna clarified that even checking in on informants counted as work, conceded perhaps there was a point where he needed a break and perhaps it was six months ago. She banned Sigge from Foxhorn’s bedroom and told the man to sleep.

Foxhorn had fallen out of a building. It hadn’t been a particularly tall building but it had been littered with spires and finials, which he had managed to hit the least possible of on the way down. He would have liked to say that he had been thrown out of the building but the facts were that he had been victorious in the final moments, he hadn’t been knocked back by the blastwave that had destroyed the nefarious plot of the day, and he had managed to hog tie the primary villain with minimal scuffle.

Only then did he fall out of the building, which could be solely blamed on the six days he had gone without sleep. Not the blastwave, the blastwave’s effect on his head, the curse he had been suffering for the last fifty hours, or even having one shoe inexplicably missing.

Daxes – in town for a conference – had made sure he had food, proper blankets – ‘This is for you from Leixes, which I’m still mad about’ – and nearly skewered Sigge for some crass commentary in Paroe, to ensure maximum sleep-ability. She promptly left Foxhorn alone, as had Luna. As had everyone else.

Not a single big bad came to him personally for heinous reasons. No major catastrophes happened. No phone calls from contacts, informants or clients. Not even a whisper or smashing of household items from the dollface cat that was the bane of his life.

Ashley took on jobs that he normally wouldn’t have, knowing Foxhorn might or Foxhorn might purposefully deter those specific jobs. Luna did the same, despite her extreme caution and general distance from such work.

Even Morse took the week off from exactly the sort of criminal activity Foxhorn would hinder.

So Foxhorn slept, for an entire week, with his own personal white noise machine of a cat – sometimes whalesong and sometimes a cacophonous humming that gently vibrated the entire apartment to a somehow calming effect.

It was only after the entire week – becoming relatively well-rested and rousing to worldly functions again – when he noticed he had broken his wrist in the fall.

“I’m good.”

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Do you like urban fantasy?

Have you considered reading these fictional works I clearly have no clue how to promote?

The Hellborne Universe

It’s hopefully sort of easily organized?

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Temporarily propping her charge up against a streetlamp, Daxes gave a shrill whistle without the use of her guised fingers. The sound was something unmistakably birdlike, enough that it confused at least one pedestrian into tripping over their own feet. It was – for those who knew – exclusively from a paraos and if Luna had any doubt, Daxes was soon shouting at her from across the street that she had found him.

Luna managed to avoid tripping over her own feet in the rush brought on by the news. “Where did you find him?” she asked, bewildered that he had been locatable. She also held her hand up for a high-five.

Daxes grasped Luna’s hand and grinned that wide, slightly inhuman grin that intended to break her guise. “On the street,” she answered as simply as she could, given the proportion of effort put into finding the man. “Having an argument with a crow.”

“Hey!” Foxhorn interjected from his haphazard position half-hugging the streetlamp. He was entirely out of sorts; his most recent ongoing had resulted in a state most intoxicated. His shoes were a mess, his shirt twisted in a 180, his hair had appeared to make an escape attempt, his every movement was lumbering and out of control with the occasional flinging limb, and his voice was a slur with the occasional mental acuity to say all of two words in a row with pristine pronunciation. “That crow said some disparaging remarks about my mother.”

Both Daxes and Luna turned to Foxhorn with sudden enthusiasm.

“What did it say?” Luna jumped on the opening, finding a hold of Foxhorn’s wrist for all of a moment before his sluggish erratic movements had him attempting to swing away from the lamppost.

Daxes, regardless of their search’s labour and the issue on hand being Foxhorn’s state of inebriation, had also become vastly attentive and perhaps inappropriately excited. “You have a mother?”

Foxhorn made another endeavour to stand straight, flailed his arms, almost stepped on his ankle, and returned to the lamppost just as its light turned on in the impending dusk. “Of course I have a mother.” He scoffed, though entirely off to the side as though at another line of thought, or some unseen creature making a discourteous display. Seeing as he had a mother, and he was very aware and appreciative of her impact on his life, the idea that he didn’t have her was absurd to him. “She’s back in Hungary, since nagyi kicked it.”

Both Luna and Daxes tittered at the trove of new information– though Daxes’ tittering sounded like a sandpiper – and after a liberal moment of tittering, a guised hand held onto Luna’s shoulder in a measure to calm them both. These were the only mentions Foxhorn had given about having relatives. They had to calm themselves, if they were to acquire more information. “You had a grandmother?” Daxes continued the inquiry.

“No, no, nononono, no, no no,” Foxhorn’s mouth was unable to keep up with the monosyllabic mess he was pronouncing, turning the syllable into slush. A weathered hand covered his face and he seemed to be prodding at his eyes until he was able to make a relatively coherent statement, “I had a nagyi.”

Hands on her hips, Luna – for all she was intensely interested in new Harm information – put an abrupt end to taking advantage of Foxhorn’s inebriated state. “We should be more concerned about the grimdarg.”

Daxes sighed bemoaningly and looked entirely insolent and nearing juvenile rebellion that had Foxhorn blearily squinting at her in mild confusion. “Fffffine,” her Fs were hushed and almost Hs. “That’s a priority, yes.”

“Was the crow even a creature?”

Foxhorn’s ankles attempted to roll with every step and his arms had difficulty keeping a limited range of motion, while Daxes dragged him down the street alongside them. “Not even.”

Luna took Foxhorn’s other side.

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Hellborne Universe Update This Monday

As in tomorrow. As in 3.5 hours from now, because I always update at 2am.

This time, we learn some facts about Foxhorn’s background while Daxes and Luna are super besties.

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Welcome to the Hellborne Universe


You have stumbled upon this dimension of great wonders and horrors most likely by incident and I do invite you to leave before something bad happens.

The following are the tales of the last of the Foxhorn lineage and their various affiliates as they go about keeping the world from the brink of chaos and occasionally ensuring chaos ensues.


Due to the swirling vortex that is tmblrruanmblr, a chronological sorting of the universe was not achievable. Please use the following paths to side-step this break in the continuity of space, time and the cosmos.


Foxhorn Intro
Foxhorn i - with Ashley "A Case of Poor Appearances"
Foxhorn ii "Human"
Foxhorn iii "Changelings and Halfings"
Sigge Intro
Foxhorn iv "Contact"
Leixes Intro
Leixes i - with Foxhorn "Purchases"
Sigge "Primordial"
Daxes Intro
Leixes ii "Plans"
Foxhorn v - with Ashley "People Philosophy 101"
Foxhorn vi - with Sigge "Poison But Mermaids"
Foxhorn vii - with Sigge "Torn"
Daxes, Foxhorn and Ashley "Pondscum Apocalypse"
Luna Intro
Luna i - with Foxhorn "Jobs with Psychics"
Luna ii "Power"
Foxhorn viii - with Ashley "Nightmares"
Luna iii "Thrice in a Day"


Helsinki i
Helsinki ii
Helsinki iii
Helsinki ix
Helsinki x
Helsinki xi

Zoe & Luce Intro
Zoe & Luce i
Luce & Adi - concurrent with "A Book, A Ghoul and a Leg"
Adi “A Book A Ghoul and a Leg”

Additional information under the cut.

Read More

Reblogging the masterpost for the Hellborne Universe, since In Science We Magic is completed. Generation 1 has three short stories left, and then that’s all the extra material I’m making public until the novel is finished. Generation 1.5 is steadily being worked on and will be made public in pdf form, most likely while the gen 1 novel is being written. Don’t forget the handy character page, and also that FAQ thing.

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“Remember when owning something meant you knew how it was made and therein how to fix it?”

“I remember it being pretty regular, yeah.”

“And then times started changing. More things were being made that sparked wonder in people but not everyone could gain the education needed to necessarily know as much as they desired or were raised under that ‘doctrine’ of being informed.”


“Engineers were building architectural marvels and the evolution of machines was progressing faster and faster.”


“And not everyone could hold up to or afford that information standard, just to learn how W-beams are arranged in a building. Then, over the generations, this extended to what had been perhaps general knowledge – depending on your heritage, social group, family employment and the same of all your neighbouring persons – of, say, how the roof of a basic cabin works.”

“Right, yes.”

“And that’s why Gaige’s parents never put him under any pressure to go to university just to understand the world. There are manuals and textbooks, standards and code books that inform a person of all the things they ever need to know. To his parents, a doctorate just meant studying really hard at one little area for a handful of years and therein you ought to study what you enjoy.”

“So what is Gaige’s doctorate in?”

“He still won’t tell me.”

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Morgan didn’t want Gaige to be right. And Gaige didn’t want Caellis to die. So in the end, the only person getting their way was Caellis.

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Short on time, Gaige made final adjustments to the device as they ran down yet another steel panel corridor. He shocked his thumb, pulling it away fast enough he almost backhanded Morgan in the face before shaking said hand and sucking on the finger.

Narrowly ducking out of the way, Morgan frowned at Gaige’s new acquisition. “I thought you weren’t allowed to work with bioelectrogenesis?”

“You know? I’m tired of that,” Gaige sighed, gesturing forwards with the device and the precision Phillips screwdriver. “One disparaging comment about the engineer tester and everyone thinks I was the one who rigged the model to electrocute him. I’ll have you know that was Bowman.” He pointed the miniature screwdriver at Morgan for emphasis before returning to fiddle with the device, without using the tool.

“Bowman never did anything like that.” Caellis turned to him, almost tripping as they careened around a corner until Morgan grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him along.

Gaige threw his hands into the air, the device clattering about alarmingly. “Exactly! That’s why it was so perfect!”

“Oh, I know it was Bowman,” Morgan informed them matter-of-factly, slowing them down for a second to point out a closed valve on the device. “He asked me about epidermal static resistance…” Both men looked absolutely horrified. “What?! I caught that guy staring at my breasts!”

“Everyone stares at your breasts, Morgan,” Gaige returned, mumbling around his focus on device, and taking a good few moments before realizing the implications of exactly what he sad. He made cautious eye contact with the woman. “They’re extremely… aesthetic?”

Morgan smiled something between gratitude and and the purest intention to do retributive harm. “Thank you, and I know. That’s why I keep vecuronium bromide and a concrete-filled wiffle bat in my car. Also, that time I gave you smallpox.”

Gaige faltered. “What? I thought that was for giving your electric eels ecstasy.”

“Alliteration aside, they’re actually knifefish.” Caellis nearly slammed into a structural column trying to get back into the conversation.

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Morgan looked entirely affronted. “You two had a living breathing biocycle autorganic in your hands and didn’t call me?”

“Well, we did call you.”

“We are here, now, aren’t we?”

“Yes, but only after you butchered it. I’m entirely disappointed. Is there another one? Do I get at least a cursory examination?” Neither Caellis nor Gaige moved to make the slightest response. “No? Well then, that’s all for naught and I’ll gladly be strangling the both of you now.”

“Now, Morgan, we all know you’re too short. Even with your kitty heels on.”

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The residual momentum from blasting the door knocked them down the hall three feet.

“It wasn’t me! It was the science!”

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