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kora-draws replied to your post “ROBOTS OR DINOSAURS?”:
Hahah, Beasties! You must be from Canada? The show was called ‘Beast Wars’ in the US…
I aaam. True facts, tho’ I seem to recall the Beast Wars intro (they had to change the audio to ‘Beasties’), so maybe some of the later iterations in Canadaland were under Beast Wars… or I was watching American channels.
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I’ve been considering posting sort of a journal-format of a thing, for better face-time connection, I’m a real person. Instead of a random slough of fiction and those promo posts I did up scheduled and such. Which I suppose means getting to know my informal and somewhat offhand personal vocabulary and syntax usage?

If I keep this up, I’ll slowly cover more and more topics about writing, the issues I address in my writing, queer communities, diversity in the queer community, fiction, and so forth. Of course, I’ll also convey what I’m working on now, future projects, and personal hobnobbery.

What I am working on now

Right now I’m writing the gen 1 novel of the Hellborne Universe, the novel that all the gen 1 short stories go along with as extra material. That novel.

I’m also editing gen 1.5, which was something I wrote last year, using Nanowrimo’s wordcount push and its various social functions to pound out a bunch of short stories about EXTREMELY EXPLICITLY STATED QUEER CHARACTERS who solve problems generally preternatural-related. It also functions as a bridge between gen 1’s disparity of magic and technology, to gen 2’s fluid combination of the two.

When is gen 1.5 being released? Answered in the following…

What I’m working on for the hopefully near future

My own website. Tumblr doesn’t function well for the mass that is all these stories in different generations, there isn’t so much the great navigation. This is in research mode right now, but very much in the works.

The idea here is to release gen 1.5 once the site is up and running. The site’s format will have a much better ease to read, especially for the longer stories I’ve otherwise resorted to using external pdf links.

What’s the personal life doing

I had surgery just under two months ago and have been healing up and getting back to a place where I feel safe working in a kitchen again. I used the two months to work on 1.5, practise piano, knit a big blanket, go to every function I could since I was able to given I didn’t have work. So now I’m in interviews, alongside taking ASL classes, continuing the piano thing, and captioning Cybersix. I swear these posts won’t be so big in the future.

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So it turns out the ask hasn’t been enabled on here and when I switched it on this is my cutest of rewards.

Dinosaur Robots, Beasties for life.

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Do you like disabled characters?

Have you considered reading these fictional works I clearly have no clue how to promote?

The Hellborne Universe

It’s hopefully sort of easily organized?

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Familiars communicated with their partners through strong connections if not a shared language. They could also, by way of their fancy and knowledge, speak just about any language so desired; this is regardless of actual physical features. While a ‘low’ classified familiar may have limited human language capacity, a well-disciplined enough partner resulted in an ease of learning or a wordless connection. There was a sort of inherent mechanic to the specific ‘magic’ related to familiars, the sort that made it so they could guise without spellwork.

That made it so humans at large didn’t hear them speaking anything but what their guise would assume.

Except for the outliers. Because everything that existed was a natural part of the world, and so of course there were untrained, non-practicioners who could naturally hear through a familiar’s guise, however small the percentage.

Which was why Jane started laughing so hard she had to stop in the middle of the sidewalk while her friends stumbled ahead of her, “What?”

The familiar still growling to itself turned the corner behind them.

“That dog basically said ‘y’all done fucked’, in Korean.”

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Do you like trans characters?

Have you considered reading these fictional works I clearly have no clue how to promote?

The Hellborne Universe

It’s hopefully sort of easily organized?

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Welcome to the Hellborne Universe


You have stumbled upon this dimension of great wonders and horrors most likely by incident and I do invite you to leave before something bad happens.

The following are the tales of the last of the Foxhorn lineage and their various affiliates as they go about keeping the world from the brink of chaos and occasionally ensuring chaos ensues.


Due to the swirling vortex that is tmblrruanmblr, a chronological sorting of the universe was not achievable. Please use the following paths to side-step this break in the continuity of space, time and the cosmos.


Foxhorn Intro
Foxhorn i - with Ashley "A Case of Poor Appearances"
Foxhorn ii "Human"
Foxhorn iii "Changelings and Halfings"
Sigge Intro
Foxhorn iv "Contact"
Leixes Intro
Leixes i - with Foxhorn "Purchases"
Sigge "Primordial"
Daxes Intro
Leixes ii "Plans"
Foxhorn v - with Ashley "People Philosophy 101"
Foxhorn vi - with Sigge "Poison But Mermaids"
Foxhorn vii - with Sigge "Torn"
Daxes, Foxhorn and Ashley "Pondscum Apocalypse"
Luna Intro
Luna i - with Foxhorn "Jobs with Psychics"
Luna ii "Power"
Foxhorn viii - with Ashley "Nightmares"
Luna iii "Thrice in a Day"
Luna iv  "Guild Meetings"
Daxes, Luna and Foxhorn "Crows and Nagyi"
Foxhorn viii - Luna, Daxes and Ashley "Sleep is for the Week"


Helsinki i
Helsinki ii
Helsinki iii
Helsinki ix
Helsinki x
Helsinki xi

Zoe & Luce Intro
Zoe & Luce i
Luce & Adi - concurrent with "A Book, A Ghoul and a Leg"
Adi “A Book A Ghoul and a Leg”

Additional information under the cut.

Read More

Posting schedule and posting schedule details (under the cut) have been updated and edited as per current situation. The current plan is to have a universe-depicting short posted every Monday until gen 1.5 is ready to be released.

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Today I’ll be organizing all my gen 1 novel notes as well as continuing to work on the ICU portion of the novel. Which means the twitter will be active if you have any questions, concerns, commentary, or desires to aid my procrastination.

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What’s next?

All of the extra material, side stories for gen 1 of The Hellborne Universe are done! There they are, in their glory, fully posted unless I decide to write more. Which means now I’m working on the gen 1 novel. Yes that’s a little backwards, tends to be how things happen.

I’m also editing the so-loved and eager-to-see-the-light-of-day gen 1.5, still a while aways from posting.

Worry not, if you worry; there are things to read in the meantime! Given that the universe is such an expansive thing and with all its diversity and complexity, I’ve been and am starting to write itty bitty shorts that depict some of the universe that isn’t seen directly in either of the novels, the short stories or extra materials thereupon. Ranging from humour, feelsy, and some horror, occasionally all three, they’ll generally be under five hundred words, in the style of In Science We Magic. Except without any given plot connecting them.

So that’s what’s next, all that is the universe that you don’t get from the main material. Familiars, creatures, other dimensions, and all those places mentioned once and therefore I’m required to write full details about them.

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Do you like queer besties fighting monsters?

Have you considered reading these fictional works I clearly have no clue how to promote?

The Hellborne Universe

It’s hopefully sort of easily organized?

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It took Foxhorn half a day to realize what felt so odd about being out of the city. He didn’t have to look up.

Everything was within his line of sight, unless he was standing particularly near a tree. It was refreshing. There was an entire skyline visible and quite evidently not full of potential anxiety. Not full of roiling grey and red cloud; not full of great beasts coming to swoop down and swallow him whole; not full of helicopters with beating propellers and full of tactical gear.

He could breathe.

He could drop the majority of his ever-constant guard.

He could be completely free from everything that had been his life up until then – the ICU and freelancing – as little as he could walk away from what they had done to him. His future was calm and to be filled with deep breaths of his otherwise battered lungs; not having to worry about rent, food, apocalyptic prophecies, assassins and the occasional acid-drooling fae. He did have Sigge left to worry about, but Foxhorn knew full well that he probably needed at least someone else around.

The career that had shaped him had forcefully moulded features of self-sufficiency, they had trained him to live and to manage situations as a one person machine, had made him a solitary creature that could only degrade when left to solitude. Even in the latter years no reparations could be made, even when he had tried on himself as much as he had on the rest of the world.

He needed at least something, somewhere where there was nothing to see.

In the very least, he could see if something was coming.

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Doing the editing thing again. If you wanna help me turn curse words into children’s names, please do drop by.

That’s all for tonight folks, cheers.

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Doing the editing thing again. If you wanna help me turn curse words into children’s names, please do drop by.

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Editing for a few hours today (until 5PST) if you wanna drop by the twitter-realm and interact with as much, reasons42am.

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